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To be an Agent of Unblock Tech

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- Samantha Green -
Ubox 9 User / Los angeles, USA
I purchased the Unblock TV box to test the Android 10.0 system.
The first impression is great, high-definition picture quality, nice launcher with optimal home screen and easy customization.
The ubox app is easy to install and uninstall because you can uninstall all applications directly on the home screen.
Ubox9 can play 6k movies, and ubox netflix works well.

I recommend everyone to buy this box.

UnblockTech TV Box with All Channels Free

Unblock TV Box USA
Unblock TV Box USA
Not only has 69+ USA channels, there are also live channels from multiple countries or regions: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Japan, South Korea...
Unblock TV Box Canada
Unblock TV Box Canada
There are 43 Canadian free TV channels in Ubox9, and these channels are deeply loved by users.
Unblock TV Channel UK
Unblock TV Channel UK
Not only the UK channels that users love, but also sports channels that users love.
Unblock TV Box Sports
Unblock TV Box Sports
128 sports channels for you to watch, no matter what type of sports channel you like, Ublock TV Box can meet your needs.


How do I connect my UBOX to my TV?

If your TV has an HDMI input, you can choose to plug in either HDMI or AV cable. We provide the HDMI cable in the package and you can connect it to UBOX and your TV. (The TV HDMI port is behind the TV) TV monitor will show UBOX main page, which means they are connected successfully.

May 31.2023

How to fix video stuck and stopped?

When you enjoy watching TV and movies with Unblock TV box, if the TV freezes frequently, does it affect your mood? Today I will teach you how to deal with making TV play more smoothly.

May 24.2023

Celebrating 10 Years of Innovation: Unblock Tech's Anniversary Celebration Gift Promotion

Unblock Tech, a leading smart  AndriodTV box company, is gearing up to celebrate a remarkable milestone – its 10th anniversary! With a decade of groundbreaking innovation and exceptional products under its belt, Unblock Tech is excited to express its gratitude to its loyal customers with a special Anniversary Celebration and two Gifts for free.

May 17.2023

How to Set Up Unblock 10 TV box?

Nowadays more and more customers and friends are buying Unblock TV boxes. When you receive the package, do you want to know how to install the Unblock 10th generation box? Today I will explain to you in detail. In fact, setting up an Unblock 10 TV box is a fairly straightforward process. Here are the general steps you need to follow

May 12.2023

Why Unblock 10 TV box is the best gift for Mother's day?

Mother's Day is coming, and we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support. Unblock 10 TV Box is the latest version from Unblock Tech company, and it comes with some additional features that make it a great gift for Mother's Day. Here are some potential reasons why Unblock 10 TV Box could be the best gift for your own mother, your grandmother, or any other mother figure in your life

May 09.2023

Happy Labor Day!

As Labor Day approaches, UnblockTechTV Box Sales Team wanted to take a moment to thank you for your continued support and loyalty. Happy Labor Day.

Apr 29.2023
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