How to Resolve a Declined Pament?
Due to the internal adjustments of Visa Card Union, they have closed down any online transactions for now. Please pay by Master/Discover/JCB card, sorry for the inconvenience it caused.
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How to Resolve a Declined Pament?

Sometimes, no matter how careful you are when you are purchasing our Unblock Tech TV box , your credit card may be declined. Before you get frustrated and upset, remember that your card didn’t get approved for a reason. Here are some of the most common causes for your card being declined and what you can do about it.
How to Resolve a Declined Pament?
Most common reasons your credit card is declined
1. Incorrect payment information provided
Sometimes when you enter your credit card details, you might inadvertently mess up a few of the numbers. This may happen more with online purchases, especially if you have to manually enter your credit card information.

Before hitting the final purchase button, review your credit card details, including the card number, your mailing address, authorization code, and any other information. 

2. Credit limit reached
Most credit cards have a credit limit. If you’re new to the credit card game or have a secured credit card, you might have a low limit compared to someone who has had the same credit card for many years. That means after you make a few purchases, you might hit your limit fast.
Please call your issuing bank to increase your credit limit.

3. Your card is expired
Credit cards have an expiration date and if you attempt to use a card after it's expired, it’ll get declined. 

4. Traveling out of the area
Some credit card companies require you to tell them when you’re traveling, whether that’s to another state or another country. This lets them know that the purchases made in that area are, in fact, by you, and aren’t fraudulent.

5. An extra-large purchase
One good thing about transaction history is that it tells your issuer what you regularly purchase. If you’re trying to make a large credit card purchase of a kind that you’ve never made before, your issuer could flag it as potential fraud and decline the purchase.

Sometimes this happens by mistake but you’ll need to contact your issuer to resolve the issue.

What to do when your card is declined
When things don’t go according to plan, it’s easy to get flustered and uncomfortable. Take these steps to avoid a mess.

Immediately try a new credit card. If you have one, pull out another credit card to complete your transaction. That way you can get your things and out of a store to call your credit card issuer. 
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