What's The Difference Between Unblock TV Box And Set-top Box?
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By UnblockTechTVBox | 09 March 2022 | 0 Comments

What's The Difference Between Unblock TV Box And Set-top Box?

Many people think that a TV box and a set-top box are the same thing, and feel that there is no need to buy a free Android TV box, but it is wrong to think so. In fact, there is a big difference between a TV box and a set-top box! Today, let's talk about the difference between Unblock Tech TV box and an ordinary set-top box? Comes with an Unblock TV box that is worth buying in 2022.

 What's The Difference Between Unblock TV Box And Set-top Box?

A set-top box refers to a set-top box that transmits cable TV signals. The purpose of this set-top box is to enable users' home TVs to connect to cable TV and watch live TV content. Only limited to live content, nothing more, resources are very limited! The Unblock TV box is a device similar in appearance to a home broadband cat. It can connect the Internet with the TV. As long as there is a network at home, it can be linked through a network cable or WiFi. And the Unblock TV Box, which tends to do much more than a set-top box.

As I said before, the set-top box is only limited to watching live channels, and some online movies, TV series, variety shows, and other resources are not available, so the limitations are very small; and the latest UBOX9 TV box viewing online resources is a basic function, in addition to its own resources. , you can also install third-party software to enrich more film and television resources. In addition, there are a lot of 4K film sources on the market today. The UBOX 9 I want to recommend today can play 4K film sources smoothly without lag. , to make the viewing quality clear.

Unblock tv box becomes game console in seconds - also taking Unblock tech tv box gen 9 as an example, the set-top box cannot install third-party software but unblock tech tv box can install third-party software without restrictions, and its system has a built-in cloud The game function can turn the TV box into a game console in seconds and supports a variety of handle adaptations. You can also use a mobile phone as a handle, and it will be more fun to play on a large screen.

unblock 9 tv box is also the most practical office tool - unblock tech 9 TV box screen projection function is also very unique. For it, it is not difficult to put the mobile phone or computer content on the big TV screen. The built-in screen projection function UBOX APP can realize screen projection in various ways, not only can project work content, but also can project large-scale games, movies, or TV dramas. When running, there will be no lag function at all.

 What's The Difference Between Unblock TV Box And Set-top Box?

Now prepare an Unblock TV Box 9 at home, both entertainment and office work, and more exciting things are waiting for you to discover.
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