Why Unblock TV box can' t be used in Hong Kong?
By UnblockTechTVBox | 21 April 2023 | 0 Comments

Why Unblock TV box can' t be used in Hong Kong?

Unblock TV box is a device that allows users to access streaming content from various sources, including some that may be restricted or blocked in certain regions. 

Due to local law limitations in Hong Kong, our software has been completely withdrawn from Hong Kong. Users are requested to delete our APP by themselves.
If you do not delete it, we will also determine your location through network identification IP. Automatically block live programs belonging to the Hong Kong region. Sorry for the inconvenience.
We are very grateful for the support of Hong Kong users for our series of APPs over the past 12 years. The world is so big, Unblock UP team will meet you in other countries.

If you cannot watch Hong Kong programs through UP TV, it means that your IP belongs to Hong Kong and has been blocked by us.
You can go to ub6789.com or the application market to download Niba Movies and TV to watch the movies and TV programs of the third-party APP

However, in other overseas countries except for Hong Kong and Macau, Unblock TV boxes can be used normally without any limitations. Please rest assured to buy and use overseas users and friends. Confirmed you could still enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies without any restrictions. Thank you for your support and love all the time. 
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